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Earl Grey Creme Tea Single

Indulge in the exquisite taste of our handcrafted Earl Grey Crème tea blend, now available in eco-friendly, biodegradable teabag sachets. Wherever you find yourself in the world, you can savor the delightful blend of citrus, silky, and full-bodied flavor notes that make this tea truly exceptional.

Key Features:

  • Citrus Elegance: Our Earl Grey Crème tea is a symphony of citrus-infused black tea. It offers a refreshing and vibrant flavor profile that's perfect for any time of day.

  • Silky Smoothness: Experience the luxurious silkiness that our blend adds to your tea-drinking ritual. It's a sensation that will envelop your senses with every sip.

  • Full-Bodied Excellence: The richness of our tea ensures a full-bodied taste that lingers on your palate, leaving you with a deep sense of satisfaction.

How to Enjoy:

Brewing the perfect cup is effortless with our biodegradable teabag sachets. Simply steep one in hot water, and within moments, you'll be transported to a world of flavor and elegance. Whether you're at home, at work, or exploring the globe, our Earl Grey Crème tea is your passport to a tea-drinking experience like no other.

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