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Sea Salt & Orchid 4 oz. Soy Candle

Embrace Coastal Tranquility - Sea Salt & Orchid 4 oz. Soy Candle, A Serene Beachfront Escape in a Jar!

Immerse yourself in the tranquil allure of the sea with our Sea Salt & Orchid 4 oz. Soy Candle. Let the delicate blend of crisp sea salt and exotic orchid whisk you away to an aromatic oasis, creating a serene coastal ambiance in any space.

Experience the bliss of a beachfront haven with our Sea Salt & Orchid 4 oz. Soy Candle. Hand-poured with expertise, each candle infuses your surroundings with the mesmerizing scent of sea salt mingling harmoniously with the elegance of orchid blossoms.

Enjoy over 15 hours of pure indulgence, courtesy of the clean and toxin-free burn provided by the 100% soy wax. Allow the captivating fragrance to transport you to a personal retreat, where relaxation and tranquility abound, or share the gift of a seaside escape with someone special.

Whether it's your living room or your bedroom sanctuary, this charming candle transforms any space into a coastal sanctuary. Light it up, close your eyes, and drift away to the soothing rhythm of the ocean.

Embrace the coastal tranquility of our Sea Salt & Orchid 4 oz. Soy Candle! Click 'Add to Cart' now and invite the soothing scent of the sea into your home.

Unwind in a beachfront escape - order your Sea Salt & Orchid 4 oz. Soy Candle now and savor the serene coastal ambiance it brings!

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