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Divine Watermelon Candy by Sugarox

Artisanally Crafted - Carefully Crafted in Limited Batches • Zesty Delight - Crafted with Our Unique Blend of Gentle Chili Spice, Dehydrated Zesty Lime, and a Hint of Pure Sea Salt. • Pure Ingredients - Vibrantly Colored Using Turmeric, Beet Essence, Annatto & Spirulina Extract. Infused with Genuine Fruit Essence. • Kosher Certified for Excellence. • Produced in a Facility Free from Nuts and Common Allergens. • Unmistakably Gluten-Free. 4 oz. 

Indulge in the Flavor of Relaxing on the Veranda of a Vintage Hacienda, Concealed within Yucatan's Verdant Jungles, Savoring Platefuls of Succulent Watermelon Sprinkled with Chili, Fresh Lime Juice, and Oceanic Salt.

Discover the Essence of Naturally Flavored and Colored Ribbon-Style Confectionery, Enriched with Our Signature Combination of Mellow Chili Spice, Dehydrated Zesty Lime, and a Subtle Touch of Sea Salt.

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