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Lavender Sage Hand Cream

Indulge your clients with the soothing qualities of our Lavender Sage vegan hand lotion. This gentle and calming scent not only pampers the skin but also captivates customers, making it an enduring favorite at Avryday. Crafted using vegan and all-natural extracts, our Shea Butter Lotion in Lavender Sage elevates any spa session into a truly luxurious experience.

Usage Instructions: Seamlessly integrate this lotion into your salon treatments as a moisturizer and offer it as a retail item to enhance your customers' experience.

Reasons Salons Adore It: Our lotion boasts a blend of pure, effective ingredients that deeply nourish the skin without leaving behind any unpleasant greasiness. It seamlessly blends into the spa ambiance, enhancing the overall experience for your clientele.

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